The EvaSys LTI® integration functionality allows you to use the built-in LTI® framework of your learning management system (LMS) to display EvaSys survey information within the learner and instructor views.

Students have a dashboard providing survey information in a rich and customizable content.

Visual indicators have been incorporated to encourage students to take their surveys.

Instructors get response rates of their surveys throughout the evaluation period to help them encourage their students to participate.

The tool can be configured to provide access or not to course evaluation results such as PDF or CSV and can be displayed directly into your LMS portal.

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EvaSys is a market leading automation software for organizational surveys and research projects, course and training evaluations and assessments. A unique system for paper-based, web-based and hybrid surveys. It combines all aspects of your evaluation process from designing the questionnaires over mass control of survey procedures to electronic data collection and automatic reporting in one software package. You can design individual questionnaires in a few steps with our questionnaire editor. As web-based software, EvaSys is immediately available organization-wide and as such enables a quick and flexible start of your project, regardless of whether you want to host the system internally or externally.

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The LTI® interface can be activated directly in the EvaSys administrator interface. To do this, go to “System Settings / Interfaces & Plug-ins” and open the tab “LTI® Interface”. Here you can activate the option “LTI® Interface to integrate Learning Management Systems”. For further instructions for the LMS side, please read the “LTI® Installation Manual” available in “System Information / Manuals”.

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