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At Learning Objects, we enable our partners to deliver rich outcomes-focused programs and courseware that empower learners with rich evidence of mastery.  Through our robust authoring environment and content repository, we empower true backwards design to make meaningful connections between outcomes, assessment and learning in programs and courseware, and via these connections, we generate rich data and analytics for our learner, instructor and programmatic dashboards.  As a certified caliper and LTI provider environment, we allow learning and assessment to occur in our modern mobile-first learning environment, in our partner's selected LMS or courseware tool, or in a combination of the above, and we collect all learner records to provide transparency on outcome progress, management and supply our dashboards.  Finally, our partners can equip their learners with rich evidence of their mastery through our evidence store which administers and delivers learners with portable standards-based microcredentials and an extended transcript with embedded artifacts that demonstrate mastery.  

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