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Reliability certified by outside organizations: Awards and Elections

  • The Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry conferred the METI e-Learning Award to “KANTAN” series in 2013, and Multiverse® was also awarded in e-learning cloud category in 2012.

*Japan e-learning Award is to recognize organizations that influence cost reduction, improve productivity and job restructuring through e-learning adoption, and the contents, services, and solutions that impact schools and individual learning methods.

  • Multiverse®, a cloud-based LMS, is cost effective and multifunctional. It is recognized for its high quality by professional organizations.
  • We have been selected for the best service in 10 consecutive years for the 1st time for “Cloud Ranking” General Information - SaaS category by Nikkei BP.

*We were selected as “NLP - NetLearning Platform” for the 1st and 2nd, and after the 3rd we were selected as “Multiverse®

  • In the ASP/SaaS cloud category, we received the following awards by ASP-SaaS Cloud Consortium (ASPIC)

2011 Awarded “Committee Special Award” ASP - SaaS category

2012 Awarded “Chairman Special Award”

2013 Awarded “ASPIC Chairman Special Award”

2014, 2015 Grand Prix for Mission - Critical

*Awarded as NLP - NetLearning Platform in 2011 and as Multiverse® from 2012 to 2014.

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What is Multiverse®?

Multiverse®, is a multifunctional/integrated learning management system, has been used by more than 32 million learners.


All functions are accessible with one set of ID and Password.

Training managers and learners have access to all functions using one set of ID and Password, because a variety of functions work along with each other seamlessly on the platform.


Reliability, scalability, and cost savings can be achieved, only because it is the SaaS+ system.

*SaaS+´╝Üstands for Software as a Service and its aim is to provide and sell the service through the Internet. The “+” means that staff support has been added.

  • Reliability

Multiverse® is a proven centralized management system (SaaS+ method) that provides stable and reliable services to our clients.

  • Scalability

Multiverse® is continuously updated with new functions that match our clients’ needs. The updated functions are available on the latest version of our cloud-based LMS.

  • Cost saving

There is no need to develop something new nor any initial cost. Our ready to use platform greatly reduces your overall costs which eliminates your need to develop an original system.


List of SaaS/LMS functions of Multiverse®

  • Courseware/Course management

“NetLearning® courses” consist of 14 different series. “Learning Exchange” is provided by the partner companies. “Semi-customized courses” are developed using NetLearning® courses and clients’ requests, and “Fully-customized courses” are made specially for clients. By using our system, training process and results can be managed efficiently.

  • Compatible with Multidevice

You can take the courses with your smartphones, tablet devices, which have become popular rapidly. Courses can be taken on any mobile devices and therefore learn efficiently on the go.

  • “KANTAN” series

With a single click, “KANTAN” series allow you to easily create e-learning courses from your PowerPoint and Excel files. The simplicity of our product allows each department to independently conduct training.

  • Learning Tube®

Only two steps are needed to upload and stream .mp4 video files which make the service immediately available to targeted viewers. Different settings are available such as the viewing period and the training launch date. Group training can be recorded and videos made available to students who could not attend the course.

  • Net Live Lesson

When you have an Internet connection, a web camera, and a microphone, you can take part in live group or private lessons. Group trainings and e-learning can be blended together. The difference with the web meeting system is that it is exclusively developed for learning and educational use. You can film live lessons, and then upload them as video contents.

  • Group lesson management

You can check the registration, application of training and also view the history and results after training. Learners can check all the existing trainings including e-learning and what they learnt in the past. It helps the administrators by making their work more efficient.

  • Questionnaire

You can create a questionnaire and upload it. Administrators can check the response conditions from the administrative screen, and also download the aggregate results as data. Not only the questionnaire about training, but you can also use it for many purposes like the attendance check for an event and voting.

  • SNS

Our SNS function works seamlessly along with training as a communication tool. It is used to support learning outcomes. By adding the SNS function to learners’ “My Room”, everyone can communicate no matter which sections they are working on, and support each other in their learning activities.

  • 360-degree feedback

Assessments are no longer solely provided by your superiors. You can now self-assess and receive feedback from your colleagues and subordinates through the Internet. Data collected can then be used for training and employee evaluation.

  • Moodle linkage service

By linking to Moodle, you can take courses which work on SCORM based LMS on Multiverse®When you move the courses on Multiverse®, not only can you operate them, but also use as many Multiverse® SaaS functions as you wish.

*Please consult with our sales personnel about the details of the fee and each SCORM function before transplant.

  • Assignment management function

You can manage submission, correction, and check each assignment with this function. Since administrators can check learners' responses and communication amongst learners, the work flow will be carried out smoothly.


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