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Open Badge Academy

Digitalme has been at the forefront of the Open Badges movement since its inception in 2011. Backed by Nominet Trust and Mozilla, Digitalme leads the Badge the UK programme, supporting organisations to use Open Badges within their learning programmes. We also work with the Mozilla Foundation to develop a UK & international strategy for wider Open Badge adoption. We were the only UK winner of the Digital Media and Learning: Badges for Lifelong Learning Competition supported by the MacArthur Foundation, Mozilla and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Digitalme helps to surface, capture and communicate all valuable skills. Whether that involves digitising existing qualifications so they can be easily seen and shared anywhere online, or making harder to see skills visible. Our solutions which use the open badge standard easily integrate with existing internal assessment tools and workforce development systems, even if these are bespoke to your organisation.

Digitalme works with a growing network of schools, colleges, universities, charities, associations and employers, including Siemens and O2.

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7th-12th Grade
Corporate Education

Today, learning happens everywhere. Yet, we still struggle to capture valuable learning that takes place outside of formal settings. We need a new way to help people capture and communicate all of their talents and use them to transition into new opportunities.

Open Badge Academy is a complete solution that makes recognising lifelong learning simple. OBA has a library of badges that enable learners to explore and develop their skills. 

Organisations create academies to launch open badges. Use badges to recognise learning, validate skills and build capabilities. Track and demonstrate the impact of your programme.

Learners use badges to build a richer picture of themselves. Evidence badges on the move via mobile. Share your profile to stand out from the crowd.

Professionals verify skills using endorsements. Experts, educators and peers provide evidence based endorsements of badges. Connect with the people who matter to you


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