Open Letter to EdTech Providers

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IT and Academic Leaders are Requesting EdTech Partners Use LTI Advantage to Enable Better Integrations for All Faculty

Institutions and edtech providers need a better way to partner on the integrations between the institution’s learning environment and content that is sold directly to faculty. Today these products are often delivered via a hodgepodge of technical integrations that lack needed functionality and are difficult to support. To address this challenge, educational technology leaders at institutions are underscoring the need for tool providers to commit to the adoption of the emerging LTI Advantage standard from IMS Global Learning Consortium to provide richer integrations that are also easier to support.

LTI Advantage was developed—via the leadership of 470+ (and growing) members of IMS Global—to make it easier to integrate multiple sources of digital content in the right place at the right time. LTI Advantage provides three key interoperability services that enable a higher quality learning experience for faculty and students:

  • A more intuitive way to deep link publisher content into a learning environment’s course shell via LTI Advantage Deep Linking,

  • Real-time rostering of students and inheritance of roles from the learning environment via LTI Advantage Names and Role and Provisioning Services, and

  • Real-time grade and comment syncing with the master gradebook of a class in the learning environment via LTI Advantage Assignment and Grade Services.

Leading institutions have come together to endorse LTI Advantage as the preferred edtech integration standard. As a result, LTI Advantage is being implemented rapidly by product organizations and LMS providers committed to achieving IMS certification for fall 2018 adoption by institutions.


LTI Advantage leverages open standards to achieve the following key benefits for IT, faculty, instructional designers, and students:
  • Plug-and-play integration significantly reduces the cost and time to integrate digital tools and content
  • Trusted security of student data and results data passed between applications
  • Reliable, consistent and productive faculty experiences with technology
  • Minimal technical barriers ensure that digital services are ready on day one of learning
  • Deep integration of learning objects, content, and digital resources within the fabric of course content
  • Easy to consume learning analytics data supports student success


To ensure a better level of cooperation between edtech suppliers and institutional IT and academic leadership on LTI Advantage, IMS Global is establishing a network of contacts between suppliers and institutions to ensure better integrations. IMS has also established an early adopters technical assistance program.

To learn more, contact Sandra DeCastro,Vice President, Community Programs, IMS Global Learning Consortium at

Suppliers Committed to Early LTI Advantage Certification

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