Standards First Pledge

The IMS member community is committed to achieving low-cost plug and play integration via open standards to enable educational institutions of all kinds to design and implement an agile, scalable, data-rich edtech ecosystem that supports their unique goals in supporting faculty and students. While there are many ways to achieve data integration, only open standards have the potential to ensure choice and maximize the investment in innovation versus integration.

To help the edtech community of school districts, higher education institutions, departments of education and suppliers ensure that we are truly working together to develop, promote, implement and evolve open standards, the IMS community is asking all sector participants to consider becoming a public signee of the following pledge to ensure the lasting success of open standards in edtech. See the organizations that have taken the pledge to support Standards First. Learn more about the pledge through our FAQs

Standards First Pledge

Our organization intends to help fulfill the promise of open standards in edtech by:

  1. Agreeing to a set of fair and acceptable business practices in the use of open standards by suppliers:
    1. Suppliers are expected to work together to create a seamless integration in good faith that leverages and informs open standards.
    2. Suppliers are expected to be forthcoming and transparent with respect to certifications granted or not granted by certification authorities with respect to open standards, including compliance with standards related to student data privacy.
    3. If the use of open standards is not possible because of a deficiency in the standard, suppliers are expected to provide feedback directly to the appropriate standards provider to enable the standard to be improved.
    4. Educational institutions shall have the ability to understand all fees or other pre-conditions for implementing and supporting open standards integration.
  2. Being an advocate for standards-based integrations as the first and primary option with preferred partner’s products and integration partners, including all applicable integration interfaces.
  3. Being an advocate for achieving official product certification to open standards with integration partners.
If you were referred, please let us know who referred you.
By signing, you agree that you are authorized to sign for your organization, you agree to be listed in public communications regarding the program, and you understand the governance requirements of committing to the pledge
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