Standards First Pledge Issue Submission

The IMS member community is committed to achieving low-cost plug and play integration via open standards to enable educational institutions of all kinds to design and implement an agile, scalable, data-rich edtech ecosystem that supports their unique goals in supporting faculty and students. While there are many ways to achieve data integration, only open standards have the potential to ensure choice and maximize the investment in innovation versus integration.

To help the edtech community of school districts, higher education institutions, departments of education and suppliers ensure that we are truly working together to develop, promote, implement and evolve open standards, the IMS community is asking all sector participants to consider becoming a public signee of the following pledge to ensure the lasting success of open standards in edtech.

Standards First Pledge Issue Submission

IMS desires all signers of the Standards First Pledge take their rights and responsibilities under the pledge seriously. IMS has established a method to accept reports of purported non-compliance applicable to IMS standards, as follows:.

  1. Issues can be submitted via this web form by organizations that have signed the pledge indicating the specific details of non-adherence by another pledge signer related to IMS works.
  2. IMS will review the issue in a timely manner including collecting additional information with the goal of proposing steps to an amicable resolution.
  3. If a resolution between the parties cannot be reached, IMS reserves the right to revoke an organization’s pledge commitment.
List the name of the organization who has taken the pledge which requires review for non-adherence to the principles of the pledge.
Please indicate whether you have contacted the organization and include who you contacted with their contact details.
Detail the specifics of your issue including the reason and proof for the Organization's non-adherence to the Standards First Pledge