2023 Tech Tactics in Education

Orlando, Florida


2023 Tech Tactics in Education: Data and IT Security in the New Now

Campus/Expert Perspective


Learning Analytics is a Journey—We'll Show You the Way

Enacting a successful Learning Analytics initiative at any institution presents multiple challenges, including administrative buy-in, investment of time and money, guidance and standards for handling data, and faculty collaboration, to name a few. What steps can we take, then, to get from managing large amounts of nebulous data to using it strategically to drive change in the classroom?


  • Andrew Craker, Learning Analytics Specialist at the University of Notre Dame
  • Andrea Deau, Senior Director for Higher Education Programs at 1EdTech
  • Pat Miller, Team Lead, Learning Management and Learning Analytics at the University of Notre Dame
7 Nov 2023 - 1:10am to 9 Nov 2023 - 1:10am
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