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Emerging Technology and Trends ILN

MINUTES from Monday, March 6th  

  • Stanislaus County Office of Education professional development badging project: 
  • CTE National Career Cluster Framework, Advance CTE is starting work on updating the national cluster framework that could potentially expand the pathways. 
  • CTE programs have been using AR/VR to introduce careers, such as welding and medical anatomy. VR can tie into credentials around cost-effective training for careers. As an example, VR builds muscle memory. Students can be trained on welding machinery prior to interacting with the machine in person.  
  • While some members feel emerging AI (such as ChatGPT) can be helpful in areas such as data analysis, translating code, training prompt writing, and development, other members share concerns over cheating, bias, and the lack of critical thinking. A few examples provided by the group: 
    • We are currently encouraging teachers to explore uses and limitations. We've provided them with some prompts for ways that ChatGPT can be helpful in planning. Blocked for students due to age restrictions/parent permission on creating accounts now. We have seen greater consistencies in replies using the MegaPrompt structure 
    • Have students search the teacher's prompt and evaluate the result-- what were the strengths of the answer and what were the weaknesses. 
    • Member Example of a prompt and revision with ChatGPT 
  •  Additional AR/VR/AI tools shared by members: 
    • Lenovo has announced an Immersive Learning Hub to help manage devices, content, etc all in one platform to support their hardware.  
    • Several members are evaluating Prisms and the HTC VIVE. 
    • talking to a historical character in social studies. 
    • The first AI we have seen specifically for ed and potential cheating.
    • a tool that creates content in H5P using prompts.
    • Duolingo’s AI, Birdbrain. 
    • MidJourney, it's a phenomenally good art AI.   
    • Synthesia does AI avatars, with video presentations.


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