Caliper and LTI integration documentation

Caliper and LTI integration documentation

Is there an implementation guide for Caliper Analytics that explains its integration with LTI? I was able to find a brief mention about Caliper-LTI integration in this document :, but it does not explain the integration at the architectural level.

Here's what I've understood after referring to few other (non-1EdTech ) documents

1. Tool Consumer (TC) sends custom_caliper_profile_url and custom_caliper_session_id to Tool Provider (TP).
2. TP sends a request to Caliper Profile Service to generate a Caliper API Key.
2.a This request is secured using Oauth, signed using LTI key and secret.
2.b Caliper Profile Service will return a Caliper API Key, expiration of the that key and a URL to Event Store.
2.c Both Caliper Profile Service and Event Store are hosted by TC.
3. TP sends Caliper events to the Event Store.
3.a These events are secured using Caliper API Key, using HTTP Basic authentication
3.b These events have “custom_caliper_session_id “ value as “federatedSession” attribute.

Is there any documentation by 1EdTech that explains this?

Any documentation regarding LTi & Caliper integration would be greatly appreciated.