Getting Started with LTI Tool Provider

Getting Started with LTI Tool Provider

I work at a university that uses an LTI-enabled LMS. We have been developing an academic software tool for a few years and recently decided to try to integrate the tool directly into the LMS as a Provider. Where linking existing tools into our LMS has been fairly straightforward, it's been very difficult to get off the ground in making our own software a compatible Provider.

My primary question is whether or not there is any documentation anywhere that could walk us through the process of creating a Provider? We're using PHP and have been stuck on step 1 for over a week.

We have downloaded the files from, as well as created an autoloader for the classes and functions.

After that, we've struggled to get any of the objects to be created properly, and have no clue what functions to call even if we did.


Relatively helpful pages that we've found have been:


Other, more detailed 1EdTech "documentation" has been unhelpful in actually getting anything implemented. Please help!

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Morgan have you managed to

Morgan have you managed to get past where you are stuck or do you still need some assitance. Might be useful to jump on a call since we have recently produced some new tools that may help.