Migration from LTI 1.0 to LTI 1.3

Migration from LTI 1.0 to LTI 1.3

Hello Folks,

Would someone help me how to migrate from LTI 1.0 to LTI 1.3? Technically what are the additional parameters i need to add in my moodle, so that it will be start supporting LTI 1.3.


I would also like to see some

I would also like to see some more technical information in regards to this. Probably an implmentation guide, the security model sounds promising but requires more details about the implmentation plan.

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LTI migration and implementation guides

The LTI v1.3 and the IMS Security Framework specification documents will be published to IMS members as a Candidate Final draft this week (available here: Now that these specs, along with the Assignment and Grades Services, Names and Role Provisioning Services, and Deep Linking (to be published in the next week or two) -- comprising the LTI Advantage program -- are in Candidate Final draft, the LTI Workgroup is working on additional documentation to offer implementation and migration guidance. These documents and other developer resources will be published as soon as they're available.

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Move to the JWT security model

We have found that the JWT security model is challenging lift. I don't think it is the specification, rather the lack of great libraries and example code in multiple languages. 

I think these are good moves, but the lack of the JWT libraries/example code and the move to Oauth2 creates a barrier to entry large enough that I don't think adoption will be high unless LMS platforms begin to depreciate older versions of LTI.

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re: Move to the JWT security model

Hi Ryan - several JWT libraries exist for most program languages at this point, which languages are you looking for?

For example:

Ruby -

Elixir: -



In which language would you personally find code samples useful in, especially around LTI 1.3?