Grade updating advice

Grade updating advice

My tool generates a lot of grade updates, partly because we want to keep the gradebook updated with progress scores, not just a score on completion. We've managed to scale back the number of updates we send by creating a queue and only sending updates after 5 minutes of no changes, but we're still sending several hundred updates every minute. My concern is that in LTI 1.3 we're going to have to make an additional roundtrip to the LMS to request an authorization token, which is going to significantly slow down updates compared to the LTI 1.1 model.

I am hoping some other tools might have some suggestions for approaches to best handle large numbers of grade updates.

Re: Grade updating advice

It is true that you'll need an access token when making service requests to LTI 1.3 platforms, but the token should be valid for an hour (the default expiry time recommended by IMS) and so can be used for multiple requests to the same platform. Hence I would not expect it to be a huge additional overhead.