RI Assignments and Grades Fails to POST?

RI Assignments and Grades Fails to POST?

When I launch from my platform to a RI Tool and try to try to use the Submit Score to Platform button, I get the following response:

This was a bad request and the response returned from the platform is:
error - Internal Server Error

That being said, I never actually see any endpoints hit on my server at all.

So it looks like the ajax request on the RI to is what is returning the 500, so we have no way to do any further testing or debugging from this side, as far as I can tell. I can verify I see the 500 in the web browser's Network debug tab when I try to click that button.

I can also successfully reach the lineitems url I passed in from the claims if I paste it into a browser window, so I know the url is correct.

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Can you post the url of the

Can you post the url of the resource link your testing with? I can think of a couple things that it could be - but would have to look at your specific setup. Thanks

I believe I've figured out

I believe I've figured out the problem.

I was able to get it to successfully post after there was already an existing lineitem created.

Maybe I was misunderstanding how that test should work. I assumed it would create a lineitem (if necessary), but it seems it's really only posting a score to an existing lineitem.

When it was failing, I was only returning a lineitems endpoint (as none had been created), and when it works I additionally have a lineitem in the claim. I got it created by first deep linking and returning an LTI link which then created the lineitem.

Is this how it is intended to work? If so, maybe the instructions should be more explicit (unless I just missed them somewhere?). Or perhaps when there is no lineitem claim (only lineitems), the error could report as such?


One other question - it looks

One other question - it looks like the service actually posts to /scores.json instead of /scores.

The AGS spec seems to indicate it should be /scores:

The scores service endpoint MUST be the line item resource url with the path appended with '/scores'. Any query or route parameters from the line item url must also be added.

Is this some kind of web standard to include a media type with the endpoint (when posting)?