Implementing Multiple Line Items per Assignment with LTI 1.3

Implementing Multiple Line Items per Assignment with LTI 1.3

Hello everyone,

I am currently working on an integration project involving Pressbooks, a WordPress multisite plugin, along with another custom WP plugin we created called Pressbooks LTI. This plugin acts as a Tool from the LTI 1.3 perspective and allows instructors to display Pressbooks chapters (WordPress posts) content within various LMSes including Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, and D2L.

Each Pressbooks chapter can contain one or more gradable activities. We are using the LTI 1.3 Assignment and Grade Services (AGS) to send scores to the LMS. By default, the scores from multiple activities within a single LMS assignment are aggregated into a single line item in the LMS grade book associated with that assignment.

However, we aim to create a separate line item for each gradable activity. This means that each LMS assignment would now contain multiple line items, one for each activity. Currently, we are able to create multiple line items for each assignment. However, depending on the LMS, the behavior is not consistent with the default line item created automatically.

For example: Canvas returns successful responses when creating line items/sending scores but we are unable to view the newly created line items in the LMS grade book. Moodle on the other hand, created the line items and stored the scores but there seems to be no way to instruct that the created line items are linked to a given assignment.

While LTI 1.3 AGS technically supports this functionality, we are curious if anyone has experience implementing it this way. Is this multiple line item approach expected or handled by LMSes like Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard, and D2L? It seems that these LMSes may support multiple line items due to the LTI protocol but are not necessarily designed to work in this manner, instead expecting a single line item per assignment, or maybe we need to make sure that each line item meets certain requirements that the LMS is expecting to receive.

Or, is there a different approach you have used to display detailed information about each assignment?

We are also looking to engage with consultants in order to help us better understand some of the intricacies of LTI, grade passback and assignments. Any recommendations on candidates for this would be welcome.

Thank you for your help!

Re: Implementing Multiple Line Items per Assignment with LTI 1.3

Your comments sound similar to the issue I raised 2 years ago in this post: I wonder what the outcome of the discussion in the project group was. I've not checked recently to see whether things have improved, but suspect, based on your comments, that they have not.