LTI certification for LMS consumer

LTI certification for LMS consumer

Help required to get certification and become an LTI Tool Consumer

LTI certification for LMS consumer

I work for an LMS product and trying to get our product certified as LTI complaint. We have taken Affiliate membership which is one of the requirements for the certification.
I have been going through

and the video by charles severance

and still unable to figure the exact steps.

I have my LMS set up with two users(Instructor and student) and two courses, both users registerd to these.

Now how do I add an instance of LTI as mentioned in the link and also shown in the video?

Where can I find any tutorial and sample code(JAVA) to acheive this?

Any help in this front would be of great help.

Kranthi Renamala

LTI certification for LMS consumer

To run the conformance tests for an LTI 1.1 tool consumer, you should:
1. follow the "Consumer Setup" from the lmsdetail.php page you cited;
2. complete the details of your consumer;
3. click the "Set data in session" button;
4. in a separate window, set up an LTI link in your tool consumer using the details provided;
5. follow the "Test Status" link in the first window and perform launches to the tool to satisfy the different tests listed on this page; refresh the page until all the tests are passed (green or blue)

You should add an instance of LTI usng the functionality provided within your tool consumer being tested; there should not be any need for and sample Java code if you are already at the stage of testing your software for conformance.

Note that if you are only looking for LTI 1.0 conformance (i.e. you do not support the Outcomes service) then your starting point is at:

Let me know if this does not resolve your issues.

LTI certification for LMS consumer

Hi Stephen

Thanks for the reply and the information provided .
This may be silly question to ask, but please understand that we are very new to this thing. Can you please let me know

What exactly do you mean by an LTI instance?

All we have is an implementation of basic LTI Launch, tried it on your sample tool it perfectly establishes context with our details. Is this what you mean by an LTI instance?

Kranthi Renamala