Basic LTI for Blackboard Learn 9

Basic LTI for Blackboard Learn 9

Discussion about designing a Building Block to provide support for Basic LTI-compliant tools in Learn 9.

Basic LTI for Blackboard Learn 9

Following conversations at the Sakai conference and the OSCELOT Open Source Day 4 (OSD4) meeting, I have been working on a prototype Building Block for Learn 9 which incorporates much of the functionality discussed. You can see a 5 minute demonstration of the latest version at:

I am interested in comments and feedback - especially from those involved in the conversation at OSD4. For example, have I interpreted the conversation in the same way as you?

I think there is a need to give careful thought to the requirements surrounding the transmission of personal data to tool providers. This implementation is a first attempt at addressing that issue. There is also a question about whether the workflow devised for accessing tools within Learn 9 is the most appropriate. For example, it was discussed (but has not been included in the current implementation) that the Building Block should also allow users themselves to configure access to Basic LTI tools (perhaps based on a role membership).

There is already an OSCELOT project site set up for this work where the code will be released once it is an agreed state. At some point we may also retrofit the Building Block to earlier releases of Blackboard Classi (Note: a separate project exists for adding similar functionality to the WebCT Vista 4+/CE6+ product line.)

Stephen Vickers