academicSessions.csv Exclusive endDate Definition

academicSessions.csv Exclusive endDate Definition

I'm trying to tease out the definition of Exclusive endDate as used in the specs.

The OneRoster spec states that for academicSesions.csv, the EndDate is an “Exclusive” end date. Suppose that a record in the academicSessions.csv file is representing students physically meeting in person with a teacher throughout a school year. The first date that they meet is 9/1/2017, and the last date that they meet is 5/31/2018.

The StartDate in the file would be 9/1/2017.
Should the endDate in the file be represented as 5/31/2018 or 6/1/2018?

A second example for the same question:
1st semester ends on 1/31/2018, and 2nd semester starts on 2/1/2018.
The startDate for 2nd semester will be 2/1/2018. Will the EndDate for 1st semester be the same as the StartDate for second semester (2/1/2018), or will it be one day prior (1/31/2018).


Any guidance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.