I'm flying the flag for QTI in its most recent guise (v2.2), but there are still areas of functionality that we'll need to enhance. The approach I'm proposing is to develop a profile, such as the Dutch examination board's DEP.
The thing is, I don't know where to start. Is there any documentation available for profile development? Can I see what the DEP actually looks like?

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We would be really interested in learning the specifics of the enhancements you're looking for. With the new aQTI (QTI v3 combined with APIP) spec currently under development, and the soon to be released PARCC profile of APIP, the functionality you're wanting may be included in one of these. Feel free to post details here in this thread or contact me directly if you prefer (mmckell @

- Mark

Thanks Mark-

Thanks Mark-
We haven't analysed the requirements fully but here are a couple of examples:

Interaction limitations (I am aware of the forthcoming PCI spec, but it hasn't arrived yet!)
• complex interactions such as crosswords
• interactions involving audio recordings

Event registration
We're also using xAPI to record events. These will have to be generated by the delivery engine, but I'd like to be able to identify those events in the QTI itself. For example, for some items it would be useful to know the timestamps of entry and exit to the item, while others we'd only be interested in the selections made.

Other concerns
Some of our teams also have concerns around rendering fidelity, particularly where the flow of an item has bearing on its pedagogy. I know this isn't strictly a QTI issue, but it's still a concern I'll need to address.

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DEP documentation

Hi Jasper,

I worked on the DEP when I was at Cito; our end-goal was actually to improve the QTI specification (flow back missing functionality, e.g. integration with external adaptive modules), so we wouldn't need a profile anymore and truly improve interoperability.

If you want to know more about DEP specifically, the documentation can be downloaded from EduStandaard . As their site is in Dutch, here's a direct link to the DEP 4.0 documentation set, which is in English.

It would indeed be interesting to hear what you would want to extend; APIP & QTI 2.2 are already quite powerful right out of the box and we could take it into account for further aQTI development (I'm part of the aQTI Architecture group).



P.S. if you want to see what DEP (or actually Facet, the accompanying delivery system) actually looks like, go to the practice site from DUO; in Dutch unfortunately, but you'll probably get the idea, the DTT-samples are quite nice

Thanks Mark - that's really

Thanks Mark - that's really useful. I'll be taking a thorough look at these!
(now I just need to learn some Dutch...)