QTI Import

QTI Import

I need help regarding QTI import.

We at Fulton county schools looking forward to import data into our datawarehouse which we will be receiving from one of our vendor in QTI format in near future and before that I was trying couple of samples provided at:

I am using SSIS to import these xml files which worked fine for choice_Multiple and order xml but choice xml is throwing error :

“the xml source adapter does not support mixed content model on complex types”

I am not sure what is the difference between choice and other choice_multiple and order xml samples as they worked fine and they are complex type too.

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SSIS Issue

Without more specific detail it is difficult to give a definitive answer.

I think the phrase 'complex type' refers to the QTI XSD which contains several XSD complexType definitions that permit both child elements and text i.e. mixed content.

Therefore, the problem is with the SSIS import/validation of XML and not the examples.

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SSIS error message

I think Colin is right; this is a SSIS error message.

For more info on the message, please view this topic on SQL Server Central Forum.



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The only difference I see is

The only difference I see is that the choice.xml file includes an image. 
So, either your system does not allow images to be loaded (mixed content) through the XML path (may need to be a separate import), or perhaps you copied the XML from the page (not using the content package) and because there is no image present for the reference, their system is erroring out. 
You could test this by attempting to import extended_text.xml, which also has an image (as an object), or remove the image reference in the choice.xml file and see if that works.

XML Import

Thanks for replying!!!

It worked after removing image but even extended_text.xml didn't work so I am thinking I am getting error because of image. Since some test questions are supposed to include image can you suggest some way to handle that?