Clarification on the use of URIs in QTI itemBody

Clarification on the use of URIs in QTI itemBody

Hi all,

     The most common practice I have seen is for an item to use only uris which are relative paths to resources provided in the QTI content package, however there seems to be nothing in the QTI 2.x specifications which limit the uri used to a relative uri, so presumably it would be valid for e.g. the data attribute in a HTML object element or the href in an HTML link (a) element, or src attribute of img etc. to link to a fully qualified ('external') URL?

    I understand that in high stakes testing scenarios a secure browser may be used which may restrict access to 'external' urls, but in terms of QTI itself I see no restriction on URI's in HTML elements in the itemBody. 

    There seems to be a bit of inconsistency in the specification however on the defintion of the HTML object element in QTI, where other elements which are HTML elements retain the types as defined by the W3C specs, object does not seem to do so. For example for img the src attribute is defiend as AnyUri, and similarly the href attribute of the a element is also defined as AnyUri, but the data attribute of the object element is defined in QTI as of type string rather than AnyUri.

     Is this just a typo? Is it correct to assume that the data attribute should be able to also refer to any valid uri?