Public access to QTI Validation Tool

Public access to QTI Validation Tool

I'm trying to copy some question / test content from a very old assessment software to a newer one (which supports QTI). I have put together a tool to pull said content out of the old database and package it as xml using QTI 2.1. Unfortunately this package failed to import into the newer software.
I would like to run this package through the validation tool to see if it can point out my error, but it seems that public members don't have access to this tool anymore; at least I don't.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi Michael,

Hi Michael,
The IMS online validators are resources available to IMS members. Alliance membership details are listed here:
I hope that helps. Best,

Michael, although the

Michael, although the validators are only available to IMS members, note that you can use a validating XML parser to validate the XML against the referenced XSD.