Unable to get to the QTI Online Validator

Unable to get to the QTI Online Validator

I am unable to access the QTI Online Validator. 

I see this when attempting to get to the QTI Online Validator:


  • Logged in
  • Clicked on Specifications
  • scrolled down the page and selected Question and Test Interoperability under Specifications & Adoption Practices
  • on the 1EdTech Question & Test Interoperability (QTI) Specification page, selected QTI Online Validator under More Information


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This is a time drift problem. There are two ways to correct this problem:

  • You - Clear the browser cache to force the access cookie to be rest;
  • Us - Restart the validator to cause all access cookies to be cleared/rest.

If the former does not clear the problem then we will have to do the latter.

Colin S. (IMS Chief Architect)