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The Higher Education Playbook is intended to help institutions streamline the learning curve around open standards and creating an integrated plug-and-play edtech ecosystem. The Playbook is designed to be an easy-to-use reference and resource center for academic and IT leaders, curriculum and education technologists, IT specialists, and development teams. These resources are created by institutional leaders of the IMS Global HED Innovation Leadership Networks. They are organized by the categories that guide the work of the communities and complement IMS Global technical work.

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Getting Started

  • *NEW* HED Revolution Program Overview: a handout outlining a four-part pragmatic approach to implementing a digital transformation strategy using IMS standards
  • LTI Advantage Overview: an introduction to LTI Advantage extensions
  • LTI Advantage FAQ: frequently asked questions and answers for institutions and suppliers wanting to implement and certify for LTI Advantage
  • Sample RFP Language: Statement of Intent to Adopt IMS Global Learning Consortium Standards in a Timely Manner for institutions to use when guiding suppliers to support the most up-to-date features of LTI Advantage now and as the feature set evolves.
  • Ways to get involved with Open Badges and connect with the Open Badges community
  • * NEW* IMS Global Glossary of Terms: This glossary of terms provides definitions of terms commonly used throughout IMS Global that users may wish to better understand. It is by no means an exhaustive list of definitions related to our communities, but it has been carefully crafted in the hopes that it will aid in the facilitation of shared understandings of interoperability.

Procurement Resources

  • At a bare minimum, institutions should require IMS Global conformance certification when purchasing new educational technology or renewing contracts. The IMS Global Certified Product Directory is the official listing of products that have passed IMS Global interoperability testing. Using these products will enable your institution to achieve the benefits associated with IMS Global. Products that are listed in this directory are guaranteed to meet the IMS Global standards for which they have passed testing. If you have experienced an integration issue with a product listed here IMS Global will work with the supplier to resolve the problem. If a product is not listed here, it has either not passed IMS Global certification testing or its certification has expired.

Best Practices

Case Studies

  • Learn how through the use of the LTI standard, the University of Central Florida has been able to significantly extend the capabilities of their learning management system.

Research & Development