Evolving to Effective Digital Curriculum Evolving to Effective Digital Curriculum

What is your digital curriculum strategy? IMS Global members are getting to the future faster by enabling a sustainable integrated digital curriculum.

IMS Interoperability standards enable various types of digital curriculum resources and learning tools to be seamlessly integrated into enterprise software that institutions already have or are adding.

Interoperability across enterprise systems and applications enables easy access to a variety of digital resources and supports personalized instruction and faculty choice

Seamless access via IMS standards means that faculty and students can focus on teaching and learning.

Once IMS-certified connectivity is established data can smoothly flow across systems to help faculty, students, parents and administrators achieve a better learning experience.


K-12 community leadership in IMS Global are defining what it means to offer an effective and integrated digital curriculum, and receiving quite a bit of media attention. This leadership has lead directly to several breakthroughs in interoperability, namely Thin Common Cartridge® and OneRoster®.

  • For most districts, there is a compelling need to enable easy access to a wide variety of digital curriculum assets but in a way that is thoughtfully curated.
  • IMS Global standards such as  LTI® (Learning Tools Interoperability) have revolutionized by a factor of 10-1000x the time, cost and agility by which a rich collection of digital assets can be procured and integrated through a variety of single-sign on and authorization platforms.
  • IMS Global certified platforms include over 70 LMSs (Learning Management Systems), IMSs (Instructional Management Systems), Learning Object Repositories (LORs) and Mobile App Launch Portals.

IMS Global institutional members have formed and are evolving a leadership collaboration that creates alignment among curriculum, instruction and information technology. The IMS K-12 community is leading the way in defining what it means to be a center of excellence with respect to enhancing teaching and learning with effective and integrated digital curriculum.

One of the main ways we will be able to achieve our future plans is through analytics and through digital content. The more vendors who are IMS conformance certified; the more easily we can integrate a wide range of digital offerings and support our schools effectively.

Serena Sacks

Serena Sacks

Chief Information Officer, Fulton County Schools, GA

Higher Ed

The LTI® (Learning Tools Interoperability) revolution began in higher education (HED) when an amazing collaboration sprung up between the leading and upcoming learning management system (LMS) providers, and digital content providers both large and small. These providers moved from providing “downloadable packages” of content to cloud-hosted, web-based content—for which LTI fit perfectly.

The IMS Global community facilitated the LTI initiative, which supports plug-and-play integration between the LMS and the cloud-based packaged content. Now, LTI has become the industry standard for the plug and play of EdTech tools.

  • HED institutions in IMS Global today are leveraging the power of ubiquitous IMS standards as an institutional strategy.
  • An IMS-based IT infrastructure enables greater choice of digital tools and resources fully integrated into the faculty and student experience.
  • IT can work closely with Academic Technology support to provide innovative tools and integrations leveraging LTI.

The IMS Global HED community is focused on helping IT and academic leaders enable this agile future. This revolution requires effective collaboration among leading institutions, including what defines a “center of excellence” with respect to enhancing teaching and learning with effective digital curriculum and tools.   Even though there are a wide variety of types of institutions with differing needs there is a common “bottom-line” which the ease by which faculty and students can leverage technology to enhance what they want to achieve.

IMS is integral to our customers’ satisfaction.  In the past year IMS has enabled our users to enjoy 1-click integration by opening more than 15 million digital books, and we expect to double that next year.

Rick Johnson

Rick Johnson

VP of Product Strategy, VitalSource / Ingram

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