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CASE Network Alliance Membership


IMS Global Learning Consortium provides a CASE Network Alliance Membership to support edtech suppliers in shifting to the use of CASE as the specification for articulating academic standards and workforce competencies and CASE Network as a single, verifiable, trusted source of learning standards and workforce competencies in digital format. States, school districts, and other issuers of official learning standards are publishing to the CASE Network. The CASE Network Alliance enables suppliers and institutions to certify the use of CASE and agree to preserve the CASE Network's unique identifiers. This ensures issuers that learning resources align with their official standards.




Join the CASE Network Alliance

By joining the CASE Network Alliance, edtech suppliers and academic institutions send a strong message that all state academic and national learning standards should be in the CASE digital format and available for aligning digital learning resources at no cost. 

Consumer Certification is Included in the CASE Network Alliance Membership

Joining the CASE Network Alliance enables suppliers to achieve official IMS CASE Consumer conformance certification. This means Alliance members can test and certify their system's ability to read CASE-formatted content via JSON upload or API. Conformance certification creates trust and provides the foundation to achieve guaranteed interoperability that the IMS community standards behind.

Benefits of CASE Network Alliance Membership

  • No cost registration and login access to the CASE Network of Academic Standards and Workforce Competencies that includes the ability to download the standards via JSON and CSV. On request, IMS will provide a unique key-and-secret for you to access the CASE Network via API.
  • Promotion of certified products and services in the online IMS Product Directory for organizations that join and maintain membership in the Alliance or higher level of IMS membership. All products must recertify annually.
  • Use of an approved product mark for appropriately tested products in accordance with IMS guidelines.

Additional premium CASE Network Alliance services, including the ability to access to the Guid translator, special offers from CASE Network Preferred Partners, access to member-only developer resources and certification for all IMS standards, and much more, are included with the Affiliate Membership level. Annual dues for the Affiliate Membership are based on annual revenues for suppliers.