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K-12 Institutional & Statewide Programs Sponsorship

2021 brought explosive growth in IMS Global K-12 institutional membership. Our growth represents significant engagement opportunities in 2022 for our supplier sponsors who understand the business development potential of collaborating side-by-side (not selling) with our K-12 members solving problems and envisioning the next generation of digital learning ecosystems achieved through interoperability. 
This business development opportunity starts with the sponsorship of our K-12 Institutional and Statewide Programs. We offer a limited number (10) of corporate sponsorships for each board that comes with downstream engagement opportunities that last all year long. 

K-12 Institutional or Statewide Program Sponsorship Benefits

Unique sponsorship benefits include:

  1. Designate one executive to attend Program Board meetings
    • Each program holds two in-person meeting per year
    • Sponsors will be recognized during the meetings
  2. Recognition of support on the K-12 Institutional or Statewide Programs landing page and on the organization’s member directory listing.
  3. Choice of one of the following to promote your leadership for supporting this initiative:
    • Contribute to the Learning Impact blog to showcase your organization’s leadership in adopting IMS Global standards to help institutions evolve to a fully integrated digital ecosystem and achieving “results” from the adoption of IMS Global standard(s). IMS blogs are shared with all IMS Global subscribers and via our social media channels.
    • Conduct a joint webinar with institutional co-presenters to share effective practices for enabling better teaching and learning from better learning technology. Webinars are shared with all IMS subscribers and via our social media channels.
  4. One digital ad to be included in a monthly IMS Global newsletter that is distributed to all IMS member contacts. The digital ad can be linked to a case study or other resource. 
  5. One complimentary registration for the October IMS Global member meeting. 
  6. Logo placement on the K-12 Digital Transformation page.
  7. Receipt of K-12 Member Newsletter.
  8. CASE Network sponsorship -  the ability to designate one executive to participate on the CASE Network Advisory Board.

Dual Program Sponsorship Benefits

IMS Global is offering dual program sponsorship benefits for those sponsors that sponsor both the K-12 Institutional Program and the Statewide Program. 

In addition to the benefits for the State and District Program sponsorships, dual sponsorship includes the following exclusive benefits:

  1. Ability to designate one executive to attend both Statewide Programs and K-12 Institutional Leadership Board quarterly meetings. Sponsors will be recognized during the meetings and able to contribute to the conversations. 
  2. Opportunity for IMS Global to organize a 2022 marketing meeting with sponsor executives to determine engagement opportunities in IMS Global across K-12, Statewide, Higher Education, and Workforce sectors and related programs and events (i.e., Learning Impact, Digital Credential Summit, etc.). The purpose of the meeting is to provide sponsoring organizations with useful information on how to budget total sponsorship spend for IMS Global events and leadership program participation. 
  3. Ala Carte Benefit (Select One):
  • Opportunity to conduct a "The Road Ahead" joint webinar-based discussion with IMS statewide and district members marketed to institutional members as an opportunity to gain key insights on the future of edtech over the next 12-18 months (Limit to first 6 dual sponsors that request benefit).
  • Opportunity for sponsor to write a whitepaper on a key strategic topic consistent with IMS direction showcasing the value proposition of interoperability to enhance teaching and learning featuring the sponsor and institutional members. Whitepaper will be reviewed by IMS for messaging alignment and to ensure topic is consistent with IMS direction. Final deliverable will be shared will be shared with IMS members via member communications and/or joint webinar.
  • Opportunity to conduct a 60-90 minute virtual focus group. Sponsor will coordinate content and logistics. IMS will promote to help recruit member participants. Sponsors may opt to host the event as an in-person meeting at their additional expense.

Sponsorship Costs 

  • K-12 Institutional or Statewide Program Sponsorship (Single); $15,000 for 12 months.
  • K-12 Institutional and Statewide Program Sponsorship (Dual); $25,000 for 12 months.

Sponsorship Requirement

  • Program Sponsors must be Contributing Members in good standing with IMS Global.  

CASE Network Sponsorship is Included

CASE Network is a breakthrough service for the US K-12 education sector. CASE Network addresses the need for making the alignment of digital resources and educational technology products dramatically easier for states and school districts. CASE Network provides a free, ongoing service for digital publishing, consumption, and verification using the IMS Global Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange® (CASE®) standard. The service also opens up opportunities for innovation in establishing critically related products such as improved learning frameworks, crosswalks, and alignments. 

The benefits of CASE Network sponsorship include:

  • Enhanced Technical Assistance: Access to CASE Network beta features in advance of public availability, priority technical support, and support in the development of critical end-user use cases.
  • Publisher Distribution Benefits: Exclusive privilege to publish and distribute supplier frameworks, alignments, and other CASE-certified content through CASE Network.
  • Preferred Partner Services: Participation in the program development and offering of CASE Network Premium Services, which are intended to be for-fee, value-added services that leverage CASE Network content, such as resource alignment.
  • Advisory Board Leadership: One leadership board position on the executive CASE Network Advisory Board that guides and informs all aspects, including governance, of the CASE Network.
  • Leadership Recognition: Prominent recognition on the CASE Network website(s) and in press releases, presentations, and workshops related to CASE Network.
Please note that sponsorship is governed by a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that details the rights, responsibilities, and benefits of sponsorship. To become a CASE Network sponsor, we require an active IMS Global Learning Consortium Contributing Membership.
For more information on CASE Network, please contact Susan Haught;

K-12 Institutional and Statewide Programs Sponsors

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