Scott Gutowski

Chief Information and Technology Officer, Pittsburgh Public Schools, Pennsylvania

Scott provides strategic and tactical direction to Pittsburgh Public Schools in the areas of Technology, Infrastructure and Innovation Developments, Strategic Planning, Data/Analytics Capabilities and Information Governance.  His team focuses on ensuring that all IT investments, capabilities and evolving opportunities support the District's mission and strategic plan. As a direct report to the Superintendent of schools, Scott leads the information technology management team – overseeing staff responsible for Application Support and Operations, Analytic/Reporting Development, Network Operations, Web and Media Production, Field Support and Project Implementation.  He is also responsible for working closely with the strong technology community within the Pittsburgh region as an active member of the Pittsburgh Technology Council and Remake Learning regional networks. 

Scott began his career working as an elementary school teacher with teaching experiences in Ireland, Poland, and Arizona where he worked for several years as a technical coordinator where he secured significant technical funding to help build their technical programs throughout the reservation.  Scott left education to pursue an opportunity in technical training and corporate consulting - working for Apple and through the Apple Consultants Network in New York, Baltimore and Washington DC.  After 6 years of private sector work, Scott felt his calling of education drawing him back.  Having worked alongside Apple for many years, Scott helped build a one-to-one laptop school in the Bahamas.  There he spent 3 years starting a technical program from scratch in an International Baccalaureate program (PYP, MYP and IB).  After completing his visa-sponsored work there, his move back to the United States brought him back to Pennsylvania and into Pittsburgh Public Schools where he has been since 2009.  Scott holds a B.S in Elementary Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, has worked on a Masters in Educational Technology from the Northern Arizona University and holds a certificate of completion from Boston University’s Chief Information Officer Pocket MBA program. 

Pittsburgh Public Schools