Learning Tools Interoperability: A Primer

Learning Tools Interoperability®: A Primer

The links on this page provide overviews of the LTI® specificiations.


Stepping Along the LTI Path - Moving from LTI v1.0 to LTI v2.0
Or The Yellow Brick Road of LTI. This document provides a summary of the differences between each version of LTI from 1.0 to 2.0 and offers guidance on how and why to upgrade from one version to another.
Comparison of LTI versions
A Presentation of the differences between the architecture of each version of LTI.

LTI 1.x

Basic Overview of How LTI works
This document introduces the conceptual foundations and architectural principles that underlie the LTI 1 standard.
LTI Briefing Paper
A briefing paper providing an overview of the LTI specification and illustrating the benefits for developers, VLE administrators, teachers and learners.
Overview of LTI 1.1
This is a recorded webinar introducing IMS Basic Learning Tools Interoperability 1.1 which is a standard that allows tools to be plugged in to Learning Management System. IMS LTI 1.1 provides the capability to launch the tool and pass user / course / role information to the tool as well as return grades from the tool back to the LMS.

LTI 2.x

LTI2 Introduction
An introduction to LTI 2 and how its architecture is different from LTI 1.
LTI 2.0 webinar
A webinar on LTI 2 by John Tibbetts, Vitalsource, 29 August 2013. It provides an overview of the architecture underlying LTI 2, how it differs from LTI 1 and a demonstration of their reference implementation.
Implementing LTI v2.0 in Sakai
A recording of a webinar held on 14 August 2013 by Charles Severance demonstrating the implementation of LTI 2.0 in Sakai.