Learning Tools Interoperability Resource Search

Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®) Resource Search


LTI Resource Search defines how to search digital repositories for a set of resources. The standard addresses searching learning object repositories (LORs), and other catalogs of learning resources, from learning tools using various attributes of resources and returning full metadata about the resources to the learning tools. Results can be launched either as URLs or LTI links. The benefit for an educator or student using the learning tool (such as a Learning Management System) is the seamless ability to search resource libraries for appropriate resources and transparent launching of those resources.

LTI Resource Search

Resource Search provides a framework for:

  • Learning tools (search consumers) to query learning repositories (search providers)
  • Learning repositories to return metadata about each learning resource
  • Specific and defined metadata included in the search results
Using keywords to search for learning objects will provide the following information in the search results:
  • Name
  • Description
  • Link to the learning object via URL or LTI link
  • Relevancy rating
  • Metadata (these fields are defined within the standard and include but are not limited to resource type, owner of the resource, educational audience, and language)


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  • Planning and Procurement Guide for Resource Search (Coming Soon)

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