Learning Impact Awards 2021 Finalists

Learning Impact Awards 2021 Finalists & Voting

Congratulations to the 28 groundbreaking edtech projects advancing to the final round of competition for the 2021 Learning Impact Awards.



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A panel of expert judges and votes collected from the edtech community-at-large will decide this year's medal winners.

Review the papers and videos submitted by the finalists to evaluate their projects for impact on personalized learning, institutional performance, and the digital learning ecosystem.
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Voting ends on Friday, 21 May at 12:00 p.m. EDT



The projects advancing to the final round of competition are organized below by their Learning Impact Trend Category and listed alphabetically.


Learning Impact Awards 2021 logoAdaptive Learning, Online Homework, and Assessment

  • MagicBox—Digital Learning Solution Empowering Students and Educators (Magic EdTech: Video / Paper)


Blended Learning Optimization

  • ClassLink Reduces the Strain of Remote Learning for Northwest ISD with Access, Analytics, and Rostering (Classlink and Northwest Independent School District: Video / Paper)

  • Harmonize: Transformative Discussion Platform Deepens Learning and Engagement (42 Lines: Video / Paper)

  • Integrated Education and Training Platform with Seamless Integration of On-Demand and Live Streaming (Digital Knowledge Co., Ltd.: Video / Paper)

  • Class: Redefining the Virtual Classroom (Class Technologies: Video / Paper)


Collaborative Digital Learning

  • Florida Virtual School Online Learning Community (Florida Virtual School: Video / Paper)


Digital Credentials

  • Curated Playlists for Seamless Credentialing (Playposit: Video / Paper)


Digital Learning Networks

  • Scaling an Equitable Access Program: VitalSource and University of California, Davis (VitalSource and UC Davis: Video / Paper)


Educational Accessibility and Personalization

  • Magica11y from Magic EdTech (Magic EdTech: Video / Paper)


Educational Pathways, Portfolios, and Learning Maps

  • Cities of Learning Navigatr (The Royal Society of the Arts RSA, BadgeNation, and Navigatr: Video / Paper)

  • Comprehensive Learner Record: Empowering Embedded Assessment of Competency to Determine Student Readiness for Real-World Problems (AEFIS and University of Rochester School of Nursing: Video / Paper)

  • The World's First LMS “Multiverse” with Open Badge to Improve Skill Certification and Motivate Autonomous Learning (NetLearning, Inc.: Video / Paper)


Evolution to Transformative Digital Learning Experience/Environments

  • Chicago Public Schools' Curriculum Equity Initiative (SAFARI Montage and Chicago Public Schools: Video / Paper)

  • Desert Sands Leverages CatchOn to Keep Students Safe and Personalize Learning (CatchOn and Desert Sands Unified School District: Video / Paper)

  • INDIeOpen: An Online Content Creation Platform (Centro de Producción de Contenidos Digitales (CPCD) and Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena: Video / Paper)


Learning Analytics

  • BlueML from Explorance is Machine Learning for the Student Experience (Explorance: Video / Paper)


Scaling Pedagogical Knowledge and Practice

  • Digital Hands-on Lab Bytes with XtremeLabs (XtremeLabs and Mesa Community College: Video / Paper)

  • Faculty Institute on Teaching (FIT) (Concentric Sky & MaxKnowledge and Kentucky Community and Technical College System: Video / Paper)

  • Hylable for Visualization of Online Group Discussions (Hylable Inc.: Video / Paper)

  • Learning by Evaluating (LbE) through Adaptive Comparative Judgment (RM Education Ltd. and Purdue University: Video / Paper)

  • Professional Development for Lawyers in Australia using LTI (Vidversity and The College of Law: Video / Paper)

  • Transforming Teacher Training for Online English as a Second Language Lessons (Off2Class and Bridge Education Group: Video / Paper)

  • Vietnam Forward (The Dariu Foundation: Video / Paper)

  • Vigilo (Vigilo: Video / Paper)


Student Success and Outcomes-Based Learning Support Services

  • Digital Graduation Predictor and Virtual Counselor (Microsoft and Forsyth County Schools: Video / Paper)

  • ECoach at the University of Michigan (University of Michigan: Video / Paper)

  • How Tier2 SEL Intervention Successfully Re-Engaged Avoidant Students, Built Resilience and Positively Impacted Grades and Attendance (EmpowerU and Minnetonka High School: Video / Paper)

  • INVALSI Develops a Formative Assessment Project with TAO to Address the COVID-19 Learning Loss & Measure Student Progress in a Hybrid Learning Environment (Open Assessment Technologies and INVALSI: Video / Paper)