Learning Tools Interoperability Certification Suite

Learning Tools Interoperability® Certification Suite

Welcome to IMS LTI® Certification Testing system.

The goal of the IMS LTI Certification is to encourage interoperable implementations of both systems such as LMSs and portals (LTI Tool Consumers) and External Tools/Content (LTI Tool Providers).

IMS LTI certification demands features and capabilities beyond those which are strictly required by the specification. The specification is intentionally left very flexible to allow it to be used for many purposes. This certification is particularly aimed at maximizing interoperability between Tool Consumer systems and their External Tools so it requires much more than the specification. Gaining this certification is expected to be more difficult than simply meeting the minimal requirements of the LTI launch protocol.

If you want to see more details of the tests involved in the certification process, follow one of the links at the bottom of this page for either Tool Consumer or Tool Provider tests. A link is provided on each of these pages to access a detailed list of the tests, as well as a link to report changes in the tests made over time.

The certification is for a particular version of a Tool Consumer or Tool Provider and the certification must be re-done for each new release of the software.

To pass certification, you must take the following steps:

  • You must be an IMS Learning Tools and Content Alliance Member, an IMS Affiliate Member or an IMS Contributing Member
  • You must pass the tests using the certification suite hosted on the IMS web site.
  • The tests must be completed by a designated representative of the IMS member and you must agree that there is no mis-representation or manipulation of the results in the submitted report.
  • You must submit your report via this site to
  • The submission process allows you to report explanations of any anomalies you encountered during the testing process.

After IMS reviews your report and notifies you that the report is approved and adds you to the LTI product directory, you can claim certification to IMS LTI and display the certification badge on your web site and in your software.

Submitting Your Request for Certification

Once you have completed all the tests for the version(s) of LTI for which you are seeking to be certified, navigate to the Submit section. On this page you can select the version(s) to be certified and enter any comments on issues arising during the testing.

By completing and submitting the results form, you are agreeing that these test results are an accurate representation of a properly executed certification testing process and that the document is a true and accurate representation of the results of that process. A copy of the submission will also be sent to your email address. Note that the certification tests may be updated over time and you may be asked to re-run the tests to maintain your certification status.


Bug/Issue Reporting

If you encounter any bugs in the certification suites, you can send your issue to or log it in github here: