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The application/vnd.ims.lti.v2.toolsettings.simple+json format

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Media Type application/vnd.ims.lti.v2.toolsettings.simple+json

Date Issued: 10 September 2015
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

In the IMS LTI standard, a Tool may attach settings to certain resources within the Tool Consumer system. This specification defines a simple JSON representation for such Tool Settings. This representation is simple in the sense that it presents a flat listing of properties within a single JSON object. In this representation, it is not possible to identify the container within which any particular property is stored.

Figure 1 shows the representation of a resource in the application/vnd.ims.lti.v2.toolsettings.simple+json format.

  "chapter" : "3",
  "section" : "1",
  "isbn" : "978-0321558145",
  "style" : "jazzy",
  "customerId" : "394892759526"

Figure 1.  Example JSON document in the format application/vnd.ims.lti.v2.toolsettings.simple+json

2. JSON Data Bindings

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