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Joining 1EdTech as an Affiliate member provides access to a community for developers and end-users to collaborate on tools, techniques, and trials of distributed learning products and delivery systems. The individuals and organizations play a key role in providing feedback to 1EdTech and the Technical Advisory Board.

1EdTech Affiliates provide value by joining key activities of 1EdTech, contributing to the evolution of the 1EdTech community, and sharing best practices in learning technology innovation.

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Who Should Join as an Affiliate:

  1. If you are a product or service company implementing or using 1EdTech specifications, you are strongly encouraged to join 1EdTech to indicate your support for open specifications development.1EdTech provides its members the tools and support to implement specifications more productively and effectively, and will update you directly on any changes or improvements.
  2. Affiliate membership is also for those who use education technology to deliver teaching and learning: educational institutions, school districts, and corporations. Membership is for those who are interested in accelerating the development and adoption of open standards so that digital training and education is always improving.

Affiliate Non-Technical Benefits

  • Access to quarterly meetings, roundtables and Task Forces. Higher Ed and K-12 institutions can also participate in the , and meetings of Institutional Leadership Networks. The majority of these meetings are not available to the public. In these meetings, 1EdTech members provide guidance on the effective implementation of the 1EdTech specifications, new innovations in the learning industry, and the state of open specifications for learning.
  • Receive the monthly 1EdTech Member Dispatch to keep up to speed on the latest 1EdTech news, workgroup activities, and upcoming meetings.
  • Application fee for the annual Learning Impact Award competition is waived.
  • Ability to attend 1EdTech Quarterly Meetings.
  • Discounted registration for  1EdTech's annual Learning Impact conference.
  • Identification on the 1EdTech web site
  • Ability to use relevant 1EdTech trademarked terms on your web site and marketing materials in accordance with 1EdTech guidelines.
  • Timely notifications of new releases, Learning Impact articles, and specification updates delivered via email.

Affiliate Implementation and Adoption Benefits

  • Preferred early access to draft specifications.
  • Access to development tools not available to the public, such ar reference implementation, Apache 2 Open Source licenses, UML diagram and EXI files as released by the technical project groups.
  • Access to 1EdTech Alliance resources and conformance certification tests for most 1EdTech Standards*. 
  • Ability to obtain 1EdTech Conformance Certification for all 1EdTech standards.
  • Apply the 1EdTech Conformance Certification Trademark and Registration Number to Specific Product(s) to promote valid certifications.
  • Ability to participate in the TrustEd Apps Program.
  • Technical support for end-user organizations implementing standards from 1EdTech staff and other 1EdTech members via online forums and the 1EdTech Support Portal.
  • Ability to participate in the 1EdTech LTI Developer's Assistance Program
  • Access to an Affiliates Forum for discussion with peers
  • Technical support for end-user organizations implementing standards from 1EdTech staff and other 1EdTech members via online forums
  • All benefits available to CASE Network Participants, including the ability to implement the CASE standard and get certified as a CASE Network Consumer. Details can be accessed on the member website at
  • Access to Premium CASE Network Services that include use of the GUID Translator to match the text of a given standard framework with the correct identifiers (GUID) found in the CASE Network and add those identifiers to their database. Contact for more information or to arrange a demonstration of the GUID Translator.
  • Special offers from CASE Network Preferred Partners, email notifications and updates related to the CASE Network, and online support to resolve integration and  interoperability problems encountered with certified products. 

Annual Dues by Organization Type and Size $USD (see All Membership Levels)

Organization Type Organization Size Affiliate
Suppliers by Annual Revenue >$1 billion 45,500
>$500 million $35,500
>$100 million $25,500
+$50 million $14,500
+$10 million $9,500
-$10 million $5,500
-$1 million $2,500
Higher Education Institutions by Annual Operating Budget University State System $15,000
University State System Office $3,500
Community College System $5,000
Community College System Office $2,500
+$500 million $3,500
+$250 million $2,500
-$250 million $1,500
School Organizations by Number of Students Served State Dept of Education N/A
+15,000 students $1,500
-15,000 students $1,000
-2500 students $750

*Note: There are infinite types and sizes of organizations around the world - many of whom do not fall into the defined categories above. Please contact us if you are wondering how your organization fits.

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