Becoming a Contributing Member

Becoming a 1EdTech Contributing Member


1EdTech is working with institutions, suppliers, school districts, and government agencies to develop and bring to market a set of open standards that make educational applications, content, and data plug and play. Contributing Members of 1EdTech enjoy broad access to all 1EdTech activities and recognize their leadership role in helping education move towards an open platform to enable greater efficiency, effectiveness, and innovation.

Membership Eligibility & Benefits

Membership is open to colleges, universities, school districts, academic technology suppliers, educational associations, and government organizations.

The terms of membership and 1EdTech's governing rules are contained in our Certificate of Incorporation, the 1EdTech Bylaws, the Technical Advisory Board Policies and Procedures,  and the 1EdTech Intellectual Property Rights Policy.

Benefits include:

  • Joint Marketing Activities, such as Articles, Webinars, Key Initiative Sponsorship, and Conference Presentations with 1EdTech
  • Opportunity to Promote Your Organization's Face-to-Face Conferences, including Call for Presentations, Via the 1EdTech Community Dispatch and Other 1EdTech Higher Ed and K-12 Publications. Events Promoted Are Ones That Do Not Conflict with An 1EdTech Event
  • Opportunity to record an 8-10 minute product overview to showcase how you partner with institutions to transform digital ecosystems. Recordings will be made available via the Higher Ed and K-12 Playbooks (Suppliers Only)
  • Approved Use of All 1EdTech Trademarks (Guidelines)                                              
  • Participation in the Innovation Leadership Networks (Higher Ed and K-12 Institutions Only)
  • Annual Strategy Meeting and Technical Update Webinars or Workshops (Higher Education and K-12 Institutions Only)          
  • Delegate One Representative to Participate on the Higher Ed or K-12 Institutional Leadership Board.  (Higher Ed and K-12 Institutions Only)
  • Opportunity to Develop App Note with 1EdTech to Highlight How Your Organization is Working with Another 1EdTech Contributing Member to Leverage 1EdTech Standards
  • Leadership of Technical Workgroups and Advisory Boards                                                          
  • Voting Rights on Standards Activities                                                    
  • Voting Rights & Eligibility for 1EdTech Board of Directors and Subcommittees                                               
  • Access to All Workgroup and Technical Resources                                                          
  • Ability to get certified as a CASE Network Provider and Consumer  
  • All CASE-related benefits of Alliance and Affiliate memberships                                                            
  • Participation in all Project Groups
  • Participation in the TrustEd Apps and Data Privacy Program
  • Eligible to be Invited to Participate in Advisory Board Activities
  • Ability to participate in the 1EdTech Learning Tools Interoperability Development Assistance Program                              
  • Ability to attend and participate in 1EdTech Quarterly Member Meetings, Developer Bootcamps, and Roundtable Discussions
  • Discounted registration fees for Learning Impact Leadership Institute Conference                                           
  • Access to Developer, Testing, and Conformance Certification Resources for a Specific Set of Technical Work as Released by Technical Workgroups
  • Preferred Early Access to Draft Specifications as Released by Technical Workgroups                                          
  • Apache 2 Open Source License  
  • Access to the 1EdTech Technical Slack Channel                                         
  • Ability to Apply the 1EdTech Conformance Certification Trademark and Registration Number to Specific Product(s) that Have Passed Certification Testing                                                          
  • Technical Support from 1EdTech Staff and other 1EdTech Members via Online Forums For Member Organization Implementing Standards and Access to the 1EdTech Support Portal
  • Member-Only Communications

Time/personnel commitment

All personnel and other resource commitments are at the member's discretion, subject to approval by the 1EdTech Chief Executive Officer. The intent of this condition is to ensure that member activities are coordinated to benefit 1EdTech and the member. Benefits realized by any member are likely to be directly related to the quality and amount of personnel, intellectual property, and related resources committed by the member to the project. By committing these resources, a member will have the opportunity to contribute ideas and expertise to the development process and thus influence the outcomes of 1EdTech activities.

Member Responsibilities

Contributing Members agree to the following:

  • Abide by the Bylaws and policies of 1EdTech.
  • Complete and sign a membership application that identifies 1EdTech technical, business, and marketing contacts.
  • Grant to 1EdTech the power to disclose the names and addresses of its members for purposes of complying with the provisions of the US National Research and Product Production Act. This Act provides umbrella protection from US antitrust law for consortium activities.

To Join as a 1EdTech Contributing Member, Please Contact 1EdTech:
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Annual Dues by Organization Type and Size $USD (see All Membership Levels)

Organization Type Organization Size CM
Suppliers by Annual Revenue >$1 billion $55,000
>$500 million $55,000
>$100 million $55,000
+$50 million $55,000
+$10 million $25,000
-$10 million $15,000
-$1 million $5,000
Higher Education Institutions by Annual Operating Budget University State System $55,000
University State System Office $15,000
Community College System $15,000
Community College System Office $5,000
+$500 million $15,000
+$250 million $10,000
-$250 million $5,000
School Organizations by Number of Students Served State Dept of Education $5,000
RESA $5,000
+15,000 students $5,000
-15,000 students $3,500
-2500 students $1,500

*Note: There are infinite types and sizes of organizations around the world - many of whom do not fall into the defined categories above. Please contact us if you are wondering how your organization fits.