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Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange DiagramThe IMS Global Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange® specification (CASE)® is used to exchange information about learning and education competencies. CASE also transmits information about rubrics, criteria for performance tasks, which may or may not be aligned to competencies. By implementing CASE, it is possible to electronically exchange competency definitions so that applications, systems, and tools can readily access and manage this data. Having universal identifiers for education competencies makes it possible for any of these tools or applications to easily share information between the systems. These tools may include learning management systems, assessment tools, curriculum management applications, certificate and competency-based evaluation systems and any other tool, process or content that aligns to or references a competency or framework. This framework for education competencies makes it possible to define relationships within a competency framework or between two separate frameworks.

CASE provides a framework for provisioning and transmitting all of the following:

Icon for Competency Framework Documents such as PDF files

Competency Framework Documents - original competencies or academic standards documents

Icon for Competency Framework Associations - such as a learning standard

Competency Framework Items - statements of what the learner will know and be able to do

Icon for Competency Framework Associations

Competency Framework Associations - relationships between entire standard sets or individual standards and courses

Icon for Competency Framework Rubrics

Competency Framework Rubrics - instruments used to delineate performance expectations around a task, product or performance which may or may not be aligned to standards

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