IMS GLC: IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Approved Charter for Interoperability Between Learning Management Software and Student Systems

IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Approved Charter for Interoperability Between Learning Management Software and Student Systems

Next Generation of Enterprise Services will address intelligent synchronization and analytics aimed at improving learning and institutional performance
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Lake Mary, FL. - 24 May 2007 The IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS GLC) announced today that the IMS GLC Technical Advisory Board has approved the Enterprise Services v2 Charter, and work will commence in an IMS GLC project group to develop the specification.

The Enterprise Services Specification defines the exchange of information that describes people, courses and enrollments within the context of learning. By allowing a student registration system and Learning Management System (LMS) to synchronize course and enrollment information, Enterprise Services improves interoperability within the education enterprise. The IMS GLC Enterprise specifications have been in wide use since 2002. The new Enterprise Services work will expand the original set of Enterprise services, but will also extend the person, group and membership management services, add course management and outcomes management services, and define a certifiable higher education profile to improve interoperability.

"We are pleased that work is progressing on the next generation of IMS Enterprise Services. The specification will create services that will enable dynamic user provisioning and analytics, as well as incorporate developments in several IMS GLC specifications including, General Web Service, Vocabulary Definition Exchange and Learner Information Package. This will benefit all student information systems providers currently using IMS Enterprise Services to integrate student records and reduce the costs and predictability of student system and LMS implementations." said Rob Abel, IMS GLC Chief Executive Officer.

"Oracle is pleased to invest in the Enterprise Services work," stated Curtiss Barnes, senior director of applications strategy, Oracle Education and Research. "We believe this will enable real-time exchange of the provisioning and analytics data that CIOs, faculty and deans need via a non-proprietary approach that minimizes and protects educational institutions' investments. These standards will help reduce the total cost of ownership of enterprise learning and administrative systems while preserving institutions' ability to adopt the solutions that best meet their needs."

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