IMS GLC:Free the Content! IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS GLC) Announces New Community to Support Common Cartridge Standard

Free the Content! IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS GLC) Announces New Community to Support Common Cartridge Standard

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Lake Mary, FL -8 August 2007- The IMS Global Learning Consortium today announced the formation of a new community to develop, distribute, and maintain community tools to enable widespread conformance to the emerging Common Cartridge standard for digital learning content. Common Cartridge is a breakthrough standard for educational content deployed via the web or via a learning management system. It enables packaging for portability and interoperability of a wide variety of digital content, assessments, discussion forums, and learning applications. Common Cartridge is based on the latest version of IMS Content Packaging and also includes an authorization service for licensed content.

"We are very pleased with the initial acceptance of Common Cartridge by the educational publishers, assessment companies, and learning platform organizations in the U.S.", remarks Rob Abel, Chief Executive of IMS GLC. "After more than a year of prototyping and testing, with some organizations already incorporating support of Common Cartridge in their shipping products, and a long list of companies making release announcements, we have reached a level of consensus to enable adoption over much broader community going forward."

The IMS GLC will make available a variety of open source tools through the community. In order to support the development, evolution, distribution and maintenance of the open source tools, IMS GLC has organized the Common Cartridge Alliance. Membership in the Common Cartridge Alliance is open to all organizations and individuals. A nominal annual fee schedule for participation has been established to help support the costs, which are also being subsidized by IMS GLC Contributing Members and Subscribers, and interested third parties.

The open source tools being targeted for the Common Cartridge community include:

  • Packaging tools
  • Cartridge run-time viewers
  • Cartridge assessment editors
  • Web service test harnesses
  • A comprehensive test data-set of cartridges that implement all cartridge functionality
  • Cartridge comparison tools
  • A cartridge test platform

To begin participating in the new Common Cartridge Alliance, go to the web site to get additional information and sign up online: /cc/alliance.html


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