IMS GLC: Cartridges get the Green Light! IMS Global Learning Consortium announces Common Cartridge Testing Service

Cartridges get the Green Light! IMS Global Learning Consortium announces Common Cartridge Testing Service

Lake Mary, FL 30 November 2007 - The IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS GLC) today announced the launch of a new Cartridge Testing Service that will reduce production costs and time to market for adopters of the Common Cartridge (CC) format.

"Several months ago we launched the Common Cartridge Alliance - a community source activity to support vendor and organizational adopters and we have been very pleased with the response," said Rob Abel, CEO of IMS. "We are now focused on providing the tools and processes needed to achieve out-of-the box interoperability and the Common Cartridge Testing Service is an important next step in this evolution."

The Open University is committed to releasing all of its OpenLearn titles in CC format, thus ensuring that the community is at liberty to use these on any CC-compliant platform. "Over the coming months, we plan to release in excess of 300 OpenLearn cartridges," said Joel Greenberg, Director of Strategic Development, Learning and Teaching Solutions at the OU. "The IMS Cartridge Testing Service is exactly what is needed for content providers to achieve precision in meeting the requirements of the standard and the feedback from testing will help us make cartridge production a routine process."

Members of the CC Alliance also have access to the CC Test Data Set. Here, each cartridge focuses on a specific area of functionality of the standard. These cartridges have been rigorously tested by the project team to ensure they are error-free and thus can be reliably used by platform and tool vendors to self-test their implementations.

The IMS Cartridge Testing Service is being provided in partnership with the University of Koblenz-Landau, implementers of the test rig used for testing the CC Test Data Set. "We have been refining the testing capability as the cartridges have been constructed and are now sufficiently confident in the results to open up this service to others," said Ingo Dahn, Head of the Knowledge Media Institute at the university. "The testing process produces a comprehensive report of the type and location of all non-conformities detected in the target cartridge."

The Cartridge Testing Service can be accessed from: /cc/testdata.html

For more information about the Common Cartridge Alliance, go to: /cc/alliance.html

To view the CC Product Catalog, go to:

For more information on the Open University's OpenLearn content, got to:

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