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IMS Global Announces Learning Analytics Interoperability Framework


IMS Global is leading efforts to deploy an open standards-based framework to enable institutions to provide highly personalized student support by easily connecting learning apps to analytics tools and dashboards

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Lake Mary, USA – 23 September 2013 – IMS Global Learning Consortium (IMS Global) has announced initial public release of the breakthrough Caliper Learning Analytics Framework and associated Sensor API (application programming interface).  The Caliper standards based framework will leverage and incorporate a set of defined, standardized metrics and learning outcomes, such as (but not limited to) the Predictive Analytics Reporting (PAR) framework’s data models, Common Core Standards, and CAS standards for student developmental and learning outcomes for education.  This common foundation will enable institutions, instructors, learning designers, faculty and students easier access to learner analytics to better engage, measure, and revise learning experiences, and to drive a more efficient and effective teaching and learning environment. 

Optimizing student success is indeed a high priority for colleges and university leaders. The issue isn’t the lack of data or digital resources for teaching and learning.  The issue of growing concern is that the collecting and sharing of data across disparate systems is a real challenge for faculty, administrators and IT leaders. The need for data sharing between applications, platforms and content is vital in order for institutions to evolve learning analytics to improve learner success.  The IMS Caliper enables broad and deep collection of analytics data using broadly adopted industry standards, such as the IMS LTI™ (Learning Tools Interoperability™) standard.

Caliper is based on years of experience of enabling interoperability of learner profiles, competencies and assessment data in the IMS community. Development of the specifics of the Caliper and Sensor approach has included leadership from the Pennsylvania State University, Oracle, CourseSmart, Desire2Learn, LearningMate, McGraw-Hill Education, Intellify Solutions, SAFARI Montage, Global Scholar, CETIS, Hawkes Learning, and LoudCloud Systems.  The framework will be presented and demonstrated during the IMS Quarterly Meeting May 5-7, in Redwood Shores, CA, USA.  During this meeting, IMS will convene educators for a one-day Summit on Analytics on November 7 to discuss the current use of analytics and gaps that the Caliper Learning Management Framework needs to address to make it easier to plug applications into the enterprise and collect data to improve student and institutional outcomes.

“The current state of the education ecosystem is data is highly fragmented and siloed within the various applications, thus making it hard for institutions to establish a unified and consistent view of learning activity to compare and contrast,” said Dr. Rob Abel, Chief Executive of IMS Global.  “Using existing IMS interoperability standards and an extensible application-specific framework, the Caliper Learning Analytics Framework will enable much easier capture and analysis of data across applications for immediate use by students, faculty or administrators.”

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