QTI v2.2.1 and v2.2.2 Updates

The QTI Evolution and Certification Committee approved the following corrections and updates to the QTI v2.2 specification documents including the XSDs to be incorporated as a QTI v2.2.1 release.

  1. In QTI ASI XSD/Documentation the 'col' element multiplicity in the 'ColGroup' class needs to be changed from [1..*] to [0..*];
  2. In the QTI HTML5 XSD/Documentation the 'preload' attribute multiplicity for the 'Audio' class needs to be changed from [1] to [0..1];
  3. In QTI ASI and HTML5 XSD/Documentation the data-types for the ARIA attributes 'aria-controls', 'aria-describedby', 'aria-flowto', 'aria-labelledby' and 'aria-owns' to be changed from 'ElementIDList' to 'IDREFS' to be consistent with the W3C definition;
  4. The description of the 'templateIdentifier' and 'identifier' attributes for the 'templateInline' class to be changed as they are currently identifical;
  5. The 'IDREFS' data-type definition to be added to the Appendix A definitions in the set of QTI Information Model documentation;
  6. The links to references in the QTI document set need to be (e.g. see the Introduction) established i.e. the [...] refs to become links;
  7. The reference to 'Figure' in the QTI Results Reporting doc Table lists needs to be corrected (e.g. Table accompanying entries);
  8. Remove comments from the Source rows in the XSD class description tables (e.g. QTI Results Reporitng Table;
  9. Add more toc | top links to the UML and XSD descriptions sections;
  10. Add ARIA annotation descriptions to the Tables in the QTI documents;
  11. Add ARIA annotation descriptions to the Figures in the QTI documents;
  12. Add ARIA annotation descriptions to the navigation aspects in the QTI documents.

27 November 2017: a new QTI ASI v2.2 XSD was released to fix some Schematron bugs. The fix has required the numeric comparisons in the schematron rules to be enforced using the 'number()' function.

The QTI 2.2 Validator has been updated.

NOTE: All QTI 2.2 ASI instances MUST use the ASI XSD schema location of ''.