Quick Reference: LTI Resource Search Metadata

LTI Resource search metadata icon

At the heart of the LTI Resource Search standard is agreed upon (defined) metadata. LTI Resource Search offers a powerful way to improve the search experience for teachers and students by defining specific search terms or metadata fields. This metadata can be associated with learning objects in a repository or catalog using Resource Search. The specific vocabulary to use within each field is defined in the Resource Search Specification.

The special filter attribute “search” allows powerful retrieval from the name, description, learning objective, and subject fields.

The list of metadata available in LTI Resource Search is described in detail within the specification documentation. Here is an overview of the metadata fields included in Resource Search.

Term Description
search This is a special term that requires the associated filter term to be applied to the 'name', 'subject' and 'description' values.
name The name/title of the resource.
description A human-readable description of the contents of the resource.
subject A subject of the resource.
learning resource type The type of the resource.
language Language used in the resource.
typical age range Age of the typical intended user. This is described as the minimum and maximum ages.
text complexity A number indicating text complexity based on number of established measures. 
learning objectives Learning objective addressed by the resource. 
author Author or creator of the resource.
publisher Owner of the rights to the resource or who made it available (company or person).
time required Time that the resource takes to consume.
technical format MIME format of the resource.
educational audience For whom the resource is intended.
accessibility input methods How the resource can be controlled by the user, including full keyboard controllability, mouse controllability, and voice controllability.
access mode The human sensory perceptual system or cognitive faculty through which a person may process or perceive information.
publish date Date the resource was published by the publisher.
rating A rating of the quality of the resource determined by the Search Provider.