Open Badges Specification Version 2.0 Changes

What has changed in version 2.0?

The following optional new features have been added:

Is 2.0 backwards compatible?

Open Badges 2.0 contains a minimal set of breaking changes. For issuers, it will take minimal effort to move from v1.1 Open Badges to v2.0, as almost every change is optional, leaving the previous option intact. Issuers may then take advantage of the large number of new features as they fit with internal development roadmaps. This is a summary of the breaking changes:

In-place edits of the 2.0 specification since January 1st 2017

Since the 2.0 specification was published on December 31st 2016, a few errors and typos have been discovered and corrected in-place on

For full transparency, these edits can be reviewed at the GitHub Open Badges master branch commit history page. The first in-place edit was committed on January 10th of 2017.

Please note that the IMS Global version of the Open Badges specification, which contains additional formatting and layout changes, are not reflected in the master repository commit history.