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Title: IMS Global LTI Deep Linking Message

Editor: Stephen Vickers (IMS Global)

Version: 1.0

Version Date: 24 May 2016

Status: Final

Purpose: This document is made available for adoption by the public community at large.

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The following individuals contributed to the development of this document:

Viktor Haag, D2L

Brad Humphrey, Instructure

Greg McFall, Pearson

Nathan Mills, Instructure

Bracken Mosbacker, Instructure

Claude Vervoort, Cengage Learning

Stephen Vickers, IMS Global

Brian Whitmer, Instructure

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Public Draft 1.0

3 February 2015


Candidate Final Draft 1.0 2 May 2016  
  4 May 2016 Removed option to confirm persistence, left for a future release
Final v1.0 24 May 2016  
  10 November 2016 Corrected spelling of activityId element (was activity_id)

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Date: 24 May 2016

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