Technical Resources

03 Mar 2021

LTI Platform Migration Specifics from 1.1 to 1.3


01 May 2020

Glossary of Terms

1EdTech Glossary of Terms

03 Aug 2018

1EdTech App Note: Cengage and Unicon

On the Road to LTI Advantage: Bringing Assignment and Grade Services to Moodle

11 Jun 2018

LTI Resource Search Service (Version 1.0) OpenAPI Definition

13 Oct 2016

Recipe for Making LTI 1 Tool Providers

This document summarizes the steps required in converting an existing application into an LTI 1 Tool Provider.

01 Sep 2016

1EdTech App Note: LTI Integration + Caliper MediaEvent Metric Profile

LTI Integration + Caliper MediaEvent Metric Profile

10 Sep 2015

Learning Tools Interoperability as a SSO Mechanism

Whilst LTI is more than a mechanism for single-sign-on (SSO), it can provide a simple and effective solution to this use case.

10 Sep 2015

Learning Tools Interoperability: Verifying Launch Messages

A fundamental part of any LTI Tool Provider implementation is validating incoming launch messages - this section illustrates the steps involved with some example code.

08 Sep 2015

Learning Tools Interoperability: Resources

This page contains links to a number of miscellaneous resources which you may find useful when implementing the LTI specifications.

17 Jun 2015

Setting up LTI Tools in Specific Tool Consumers

This page provides links to documents which describe the process of configuring LTI tool providers in different tool consumers.

17 Jun 2015

LTI v2: An Introduction

LTI2 Introduction By John Tibbetts, Integration Architect, Vital Source Technologies

17 Jun 2015

Basic Overview of How LTI works

This document introduces the conceptual foundations and architectural principles that underlie the LTI standard.

16 Jun 2015

Learning Tools Interoperability Certification: How and Why

How to become IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) certified and why you should.