Technical Resources

14 Sep 2016

Best Practices for Managing ID's in LTI

Understanding the different ID values available via LTI for users and contexts (courses).

30 Mar 2016

App Note: Simple LTI Search

Safari Montage shares their solution for implementing a simple repository search using LTI.

08 Sep 2015

Learning Tools Interoperability: Best Practices

This page provides links to various sources of good and best practice relating to the implementation of LTI.

17 Jun 2015

Selecting a User ID in LTI

How should a tool provider uniquely identify LTI users?  Find out the choices for creating unique IDs based on your needs.

21 Jan 2015

LTI: The course copy road to nowhere

A discussion of the issues arising when copying courses in a tool consumer which contain LTI links.

21 Jan 2015

LTI: When is a user not a real user?

A proposal for how to handle users who only have temporary roles within a context, such as when an instructor is using a student preview option.