the Talent Continuum

The Talent Continuum seeks to evolve the capabilities of digital credentials and related innovations while leading important talent development topics in support of lifelong learning -  

  • Enabling a seamless, interoperable user experience for verifiable digital credentials in an opportunity ecosystem, removing silos between learning organizations and industry
  • The universal adoption of a standards-based digital lifelong learning record and skills wallet
  • Linking talent-demand signals with learning organizations’ curricula and talent supply
  • Harvesting of best practices and norms to describe and exchange workplace competencies and skills
  • Establishment of credential endorsement practices and the formation of expert third party networks
  • Ubiquitous digital badge analytics
  • Promotion of innovation that positively impacts all participants in the digital credentials ecosystem.

1EdTech’s mission is to advance education through open technology innovation and standards. 1EdTech is the leader of Open Badges, the Comprehensive Learner Record and the competency data exchange standard, CASE. Digital credentials are uniquely able to span the education and workforce domains and offer a way to bridge historical silos with modern machine technologies for the benefit of learners, earners and all stakeholders in an opportunity ecosystem.