IMS Institutional Members are Defining, Adopting and Evolving a Revolutionary Integrated Environment that Enables Better Teaching and Learning 

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Teachers, students & institutions are more likely to use technologies that are seamlessly integrated into their workflow and lives!

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Begin to transition to integrated digital resources today & evolve to sophisticated data analytics.

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Integrate digital learning resources in minutes rather than months to improve choice, flexibility and innovation.


Focusing on a complete set of foundational


that enable educational institutions to fully leverage the benefits of digital technology now and in the future.

Digital credentials are reshaping the way we think about education and professional development by enabling lifelong learner-control of their evidence-based skills and achievements and supporting the transition to standards-based and competency-based learning.

Clickstream learning data from all digital resources—available in real-time and viewable using any dashboard—can help inform student success strategies, institutional academic decisions, instructional design, and provides a common data format for research on student learning.

High-quality innovative digital assessment that is accessible, adaptive, and safeguarded for integrity, complements the teaching and learning process, enabling effective interventions and continuous improvement.

Scalable, seamless, and secure integration of all digital content, learning tools, and assessment products into an institution’s digital learning environment is the most effective way to support next generation teaching and learning.

Packaging learning content from different sources and streamlining the management of digital resources saves valuable instruction time and provides greater choice and flexibility that leads to better learning experiences.



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Is your institution among the world leaders in adopting integrated digital curriculum, learning tools and data to achieve better teaching and learning experiences?  IMS institutional Innovation Leadership Networks are not only working toward greatness, but also serve as regional hubs for sharing best practices and developing resources to help the entire education community accelerate adoption of plug and play interoperability.

If your state, school district, college or university would like to participate in an Innovation Leadership Network or benefit from the resources being made available by these Networks, please see either our K-12 Playbook or HED Playbook page.


IMS Leadership Activities

Leadership Activities are a way for members to collaborate with others with similar interests and lead the education industry forward to enabling an open Edtech ecosystem

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