Development Resources

Development Resources

1EdTech provides various resources for its members to aid in developing and using 1EdTech standards. Access to resources varies based on your organization's membership level. 1EdTech Contributing Members get access to all of the Development Resources listed here.

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Certification Overview

An overview of the certification process is also available for 1EdTech members.


1EdTech provides support, Github access (according to membership level) FAQs, and Guides for its Contributing, Affiliate, and Alliance members. Contributing Members also have access to Slack to work with others and gain support. Log in here.


Specification Document Development Tools API Certification Suite & Details
Caliper Analytics


Caliper LTI Service

  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • .NET
  • PHP

JSON-LD Context File

Common Test Fixtures




Test Suite

Caliper Analytics Certification Process

Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange Specification   OpenAPI

Test Suite - Service Providers

Test Suite - Service Consumers

Comprehensive Learner Record Specification

CLR Wallet

CLR Consumer

CLR Provider

CLR Editor

Common Cartridge Specification

Valid Test Sets

Common Cartridge Tools


Test Suite - Member Validator

Common Cartridge Certification Process

Learning Information Systems Specification LIS Tools  

Test Suite - Sync Agent
Test Suite - Ref Agent

LIS Certification Process

Learning Tools Interoperability Specification Reference Implementation Assignment and Grades v2 Test Suite
Learning Tools Interoperability Proctoring Services Specification     Test Suite
Learning Tools Interoperability Resource Search Specification LTI-RS Open Source Resources Resource Search Manager

Test Suite -Service Providers

Test Suite -Service Consumers


Specification Data Files and CSV Test Sets  

Test Suite - CSV Validator

Test Suite - Data Providers

Test Suite - Data Consumers

OneRoster Certification Process

Open Badges Specification Reference Implementation Badge Connect Test Suite
Question and Test Interoperability Specification

Valid Test Sets

Sample Code


Test Suite - Member Validator

QTI Certification Process