CASE Network

CASE Network

When we collaborate, every learner receives the instruction and resources they need to succeed.

Now more than ever, K-12 educators are seeking digital-first solutions. At IMS Global Learning Consortium, we know that student success starts with the academic standards that states and districts use to set goals and measure student progress.

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The IMS community launched the CASE Network because we believe that all state academic standards and national learning standards should be in the CASE digital format and available for anyone to use for any reason—at no cost. When states and organizations publish their standards through the CASE Network, educators, students, and families can trust the educational technology tools and resources provided by districts and schools to support instruction accurately.


Access CASE Network

Whether you’re an educator or edtech supplier, accessing the CASE Network is easy.

IMS members at any level get full access to CASE Network and can get IMS CASE Consumer certification. IMS Contributing Members can also get IMS CASE Provider certification.

Non-IMS members can download the digital curriculum standards or access them by API by becoming a CASE Network Participant. CASE Network Participation is open to suppliers and institutions—for free! Also, CASE Network Participant suppliers can get official IMS CASE Consumer certification.

When accessing CASE Network, both IMS members and non-members must accept the Terms of Service before proceeding.

Find Competency Frameworks
in CASE Format

Access digitally published learning standards
from leading states and districts
all in one place.

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in CASE Network

Educators and edtech suppliers
ensure open digital learning standards are
available for everyone—at zero cost.

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The CASE digital standard and CASE Network make the alignment of digital resources and edtech products dramatically faster, easier, and less expensive to support aligned instruction across the digital learning ecosystem.


We're Ready to Help

IMS helps states and organizations publish their curriculum standards in CASE digital format. Contact for more information on how to get started today.


CASE Network Sponsors

The following IMS Contributing Members generously support CASE Network.

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Sponsors can issue official documents through CASE Network and are represented on the CASE Network Advisory Board.


Find out how your organization can become a sponsor. See all IMS Sponsorship and Networking Opportunities.