CASE Network

CASE Network

Solving the Challenge of Aligned Instruction with Verified and Official Content


CASE Network is a breakthrough collaboration of leading states, districts, and edtech suppliers working to make the alignment of digital resources and edtech products dramatically easier for states and school districts at zero-cost. Through collaboration in the CASE Network, standards-issuing organizations, such as State Education Agencies (SEAs), can author and distribute official identifiers in CASE digital format via a free public registry. CASE Network makes the creation, certification, management, discovery, and distribution of these official learning standards and supporting documentation simple, easy, and free for anyone who wants to use them.

How can I trust that my edtech tools and resources will help my students meet our learning objectives?
How can I have peace of mind my work is accurately represented and not subject to misinterpretation?
How do I know my edtech suppliers are aligned to my state’s official standards?
How do I know my alignments match official standards and how can I do this in the most cost-effective way?

Bringing Together Official Standards Authors and Issuers

Without accessible machine-readable state learning standards, publishers and other tool providers are forced to interpret traditional digital formats, such as pdf files. IMS Global Learning Consortium developed the Competencies and Academic Standards Exchange® (CASE®) standard for publishing frameworks—such as learning standards, competencies, and assessment rubrics—and converting these frameworks into formats that can be easily read by software. CASE provides curriculum and instructional designers the tools to align their curriculum with learning standards and frameworks. CASE also assures end users that their learning standards will not be misinterpreted when translated to a machine-readable format. Implementing CASE makes it possible to exchange competency definitions using universal, open identifiers for official learning standards for easy access and management by applications, systems, and tools.

CASE becomes a very powerful solution when adopted by states and districts to publish official learning standards in machine-readable form. But the challenges of identifying official learning standards from different authors and tracking the associations, changes, and updates to those standards still remain. This is why IMS established the CASE Network of academic standards and competencies—a single, verifiable, trusted source of academic standards and competencies in digital format, making it simpler to support aligned instruction across the digital learning ecosystem. For more information, read the CASE Network FAQ.


See the CASE Network in Action


CASE Network enables better support for aligned instruction across the digital learning ecosystem via a free public digital registry that includes standards for all 50 U.S. states and the Common Core. Currently, the registry includes full sets of English Language Arts and Mathematics standards in CASE format that can be downloaded or accessed by an authenticated API by registered users.

Participate in the CASE Network

Can trust their edtech tools and resources to help them meet and achieve their learning standards.
Can issue and control the digital representation and distribution of their official standards.
Can verify their edtech suppliers are using the correct standards.
Can find, use, and trust CASE Network official standards as well as issue CASE content.
Institutions and standards authoring organizations can participate in CASE Network by:
  • Registering at no cost as the authorized issuer for their standards and licensing those standards to the CASE Network registry for universal access and distribution.
  • Reviewing and approving as "official" the semantic text of their standards in CASE format.
If the author of a standard already has CASE-formatted standards, they can work with IMS Global to license and reflect their official standards and identifiers in the registry, making it easier for suppliers to find and use them.
IMS Contributing Members can certify their standards and issue other CASE-formatted content, such as crosswalks and alignments, through the registry.
No-Cost Registration
Anyone at any time can view and link to individual standards and workforce competencies in the public registry. To access more advanced features of CASE Network, IMS provides a no-cost registration option for standards authors and suppliers.
IMS Contributing Members get more enhanced access to the services CASE Network offers at no extra cost. IMS also offers a CASE Network Alliance membership for organizations that want to participate in the CASE Network developer community and get support from IMS to troubleshoot issues.



CASE Network Sponsors

CASE Network is generously supported by the following IMS Contributing Members.

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Sponsors can issue official documents through CASE Network and are represented on the CASE Network Advisory Board.